Download DRS Technologies Orca3D v1.4.20180425 x64 Free

Download DRS Technologies Orca3D v1.4.20180425 x64 Fast

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DRS Technologies Orca3D v1.4 (x64) | 60 Mb
Orca3D streamlines your design work with a suite of powerful applications that run within the Rhino 3D environment. Conceptualize, model, and analyze, all without transferring files or learning a new program. Create and fair hull, deck, and superstructure surfaces, analyze hydrostatics and stability, predict speed vs. horsepower, and track the weight, center of gravity, and cost of your design, all within a single environment. By itself, Rhino is an extremely powerful design tool; when you add Orca3D’s marine-specific tools, it becomes the most versatile and cost-effective marine design program available.
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