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File Size: 390 MBVagrant is software for creating and configuring a virtual development environment. It is a wrapper for virtualization software, such as VirtualBox, and configuration management tools such as Chef, Salt and Puppet. Since version 1.1, Vagrant is no longer tied to VirtualBox and also works with other virtualization tools, for example, VMware Workstation, and also supports cloud environments such as Amazon EC2. The tool is written in Ruby; It can be used in projects created in other programming languages, such as PHP, Python, Java, C # and JavaScript. Developers who wish to easily migrate their work to various platforms and environments could be looking for a way to reproduce their work on portable environments. Vagrant was constructed to offer people with an accessible means to configure and reproduce portable development environments, which can be controlled by a single consistent workflow. This can help maximize productivity and flexibility for the developers and their corresponding development teams. The utility will isolate dependencies and their configuration and this will be achieved with a single disposable, consistent environment. One must note however, that the essential tools that are required in development environments, such as editors, browsers or debuggers, will not be excluded the portable environments. The application creates so-called “Vagrantfiles”, which once defined, the command “vagrant up” will deploy the developers' work onto the environment they prefer, in no time. The main interface presents itself as a command-line based console that offers multiple switches that can be used for controlling the behavior of the application. One can manage boxes, connect to remotely shared Vagrant environments, stop and delete any traces of a Vagrant environment, pack the currently loaded Vagrant environment into a box and much more. For those who the initial switches do not suffice their requirements, the command-line based interface can also list all the available commands, by simply inputting the “vagrant list-commands” switch.Whats New:IMPROVEMENTS:
core: Improve messaging around not finding requested provider [GH-9735]
core: Disable exception reports by default [GH-9738]
core: Continue on if vagrant fails to parse metadata box for update [GH-9760]
hosts/linux: Support RDP capability within WSL [GH-9758]
hosts/windows: Add SMB default mount options capability and set default version to 2.0 [GH-9734]
provider/hyperv: Include neighbor check for MAC on guest IP detection [GH-9737]
provider/virtualbox: Do not require VirtualBox availability within WSL [GH-9759]
provisioner/chef_zero: Support arrays for data_bags_path [GH-9669]
util/er: Don't raise error if response is HTTP 416 [GH-9729]
util/platform: Update Hyper-V enabled check [GH-9746] BUG FIXES:
communicators/ssh: Log error and proceed on Windows private key permissions [GH-9769]
middleware/authentication: Prevent URL modification when no changes are required [GH-9730]
middleware/authentication: Ignore URLs which cannot be parsed [GH-9739]
provider/hyperv: Reference switches by ID instead of name [GH-9747]
provider/docker: Use Util::SafeExec if docker-exec is run with -t option [GH-9761]
provisioner/chef: Trim drive letter path on Windows [GH-9766]
provisioner/puppet: Properly finalize structured_facts config option [GH-9720]
util/platform: Fix original WSL to Windows path for "root" directory [GH-9696]Homepage


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